Magnetic Photos-REVIEW


If there’s one thing I’ve never been really great at doing, it’s getting photos developed.  For years Michael has begged me to develop the bazillion photos i’ve taken.  Part of my issue was being dissatisfied with the quality of photos I’d get upon developing.  Finally, I discovered That’s where I get most regular photos printed, and it’s where I recommend my clients go.  Now, I also love running my photos through Instagram that I’ve taken on my phone because I love the filters offered. The upgraded version offers more specific customized actions, which I’ve loved even more! I loved my Instagram photos so much that I decided those were the photos I wanted printed, but finding a place that would print my cute little square photos was a challenge.  In a Google search one day, I came across Social Print Studio, formerly known as Pinstagram, an online store that will print your Instagram photos.  All you have to do is go to the website and enter your Instagram account information, and voila!  It will automatically load aaaalllll of your Instagram photos and you can print from a lovely selection of choices.  My favorite recently has been the square magnets.  We have a nice array of them on our fridge, and we frequently give them out as gifts to others.


I’ve also ordered many square prints and they are by far my favorite prints from any other company I’ve found.  They have the perfect matte finish (I hate gloss) and are completely water resistant.  Which just means they won’t ruin in too humid weather, or, of course, if you accidentally spill something.  I love the throw-back feeling of Polaroids that I get from my photos.  And let’s just be honest, square frames are just plain cool.  Every where I go i’m always on a mission to find cute square photo frames.

It’s exciting that I’ve finally found a company that gets me excited to order prints!

The magnets are my favorite because they can go just about any where. They are very durable and not made with a cheap layer of plastic over them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped them, and they’ve never come a part (unlike other magnetic photo kits I’ve tried in the past).  Plus, my family gets excited when I give them out as gifts.

So, go and get your Instagram photos printed. Like NOW! It’s super easy. And may be I’m a little nerdy, but it’s fun to pick out the photos too! I’m always really impatient waiting for them to arrive. 🙂


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