Dear Allergies!

You are evil. There are just some things in this world that you cannot find a positive for. Allergies, of any kind, are one of them.

Like, I’m terrified (did I say TERRIFIED) of frogs.  I can’t stand them.  I don’t want to be any where near them. However, I recognize their significance in the food chain. Therefore, I do not think they are evil, and I can see a positive to them. Just do not ever bring one near me unless you want me to have a panic attack. Seriously not kidding. Positive.

Grading papers. I’m a teacher. I LOATHE grading papers. However, it’s part of my job, and it provides me valuable feedback and data on my students. Positive.

Wal-Mart. I can’t stand Wal-Mart. I have been there two-maybe three times in the past year. I’m trying really, really, really, REALLY hard to think of a positive here……………………………………………………………………………………I think they really do have the lowest prices of most places, which is a monetary benefit for many people.


If I can find a positive for Wal-Mart, I can find one for most any thing….


Took Blake in to the after hours pediatrician tonight because he’s had an incessant cough for two weeks now.  This seems to be pretty routine for him, though.  Every month or two his cough rears up again, never fully going away, until we eventually go in to the doctor to find he has fluid in his ear, or an ear infection.  A few times he’s had clear ears, but still with a very deep or gurgley cough. I took him in tonight because his cough worsened the past 2 days, and he had an eczema flare up that I’ve never seen from him before.  Interesting thing, that eczema, because there are so many different kind of “rashes” that can produce.  Usually, he will get a concentration of red bumps or dry skin, but this was the driest it’s ever been, with a strange hue and shape. It almost resembled a dark scar.  I couldn’t stand to see him in a coughing fit any longer, and I was curious about the skin flare-up, so I took him in.

After poking and prodding she found he had swollen lymph nodes, then after reviewing his file and hearing his cough, the doctor prescribed us a nebulizer. She said at this point it seemed like we’ve been stuck in some vicious cycle that hasn’t’ been easy to diagnose. Since eczema is an allergy, the respiratory symptoms were a direct correlation.  Hmmm, never considered that. She thinks he has another kind of allergy (in addition to his dairy) that we haven’t caught yet, which could be contributing to his frequent cough, ear infections, and eczema flare-ups. In actuality, the eczema isn’t that bad on a normal basis when I know some kids have constant issues. His are just a problem only when, well, there’s a problem.

I still don’t fully understand all this. I feel a little confused, but relieved. Then may be confused again. I don’t know what I’m confused about exactly, just know I don’t fully understand how this all works. Or what works, and what doesn’t work, or whatever.

Not looking forward to giving my little man nebulizer treatments, but hoping it helps.  Now the next step is, I suppose, to find out what’s causing this “allergy”. Another food? Pets? Pollens? There seem to be a hundred different ways this could go. My goal is to get through 3 months without coughing. Is that too lofty? I’ll take 2! May be even 6 weeks! I feel like that hasn’t happened yet, but I haven’t exactly kept 100% track.

We are still awaiting his blood results from the food allergy test. Warning to the wise, FL Hospital is not very quick when it comes to sending the results to your pediatrician!

I just really pray that he grows out of all this stuff.  I know some kids have it worse, and I don’t mean to undermine the seriousness of their allergies compared to my son’s.  Allergies of all kinds are a pain.  I never knew until recently how difficult they can be to pinpoint.  We’ve been struggling with all of this since Blake was born. Between GERD, dairy and soy allergy, eczema, and an inability to properly digest and break down his formula, I just think the kid kinda deserves a break about now.


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