15 Months (Aka 1 Year, 3 months)

I used to have this aversion to people stating their child’s age in months. Before I was pregnant, conversations with others about their child’s age would go something like this…

I would ask someone, “How old is your son?”

“49 months.”

Then there’s the explosion of numbers in my mind as I work to convert this in to years, as the person wildly stares at me wondering why I look perplexed.

And when my frustration set in at the ridiculousness of this, I’d comment “What a big boy!”-still working numbers in my mind.

Now, hopefully no one would ever refer to their child in months at over 4 years of age, but I have known people to go a little overboard with counting months and not years.

When I was pregnant I vowed I wouldn’t do this to another human. That I would only use the words “1 year”, “2 years”, “3 years” and so forth.

Well, here goes. Blake is 15 months, nearly 16, and wearing 12-18 month clothes. I don’t tell people he’s 1 because there’s a big difference. And I’ve just never heard any one say their kid is 1.5 years old. In truth, I get it now.  I get that there’s a huge jump from a child being 1 year, and a child being 15 months. And it’s important to denote this difference because there’s just a huge gap. It’s equivalent to the difference of a 2nd grader to a 3rd grader (teachers will understand that.) It’s just a giant leap, and kids change too quickly from month to month to overlook the deviance.

Now that that’s out of the way…

Fifteen months is my favorite age so far! I feel like I say that every month, but things just keep getting better and better (it really does, new moms).  We had our 15 month check up this week and our little man is just thriving.

Notable concerns I had were his constant head banging at night. Like, loud and constant. Blake has also been known to get up and walk around his crib in the middle of the night, and “talk” in his sleep.  Signs of sleep walking crossed our minds, but the doctor assured me we didn’t have any thing to worry about.

We had a blood test done recently to test the severity of his dairy allergy. Still waiting on the results.

In the last 2 months we’ve had problems with his legs getting stuck in between the crib bars.  The last time was pretty severe. Michael had to practically break apart the bars to get his leg out (my strong, buff hunk).  We thought long and hard about what to do. We aren’t quite ready to place him in a toddler bed, and putting the bumpers back in is out of the question since he last decided to use those as a ladder to climb out.  Upon suggestion, we tied the bumpers to the OUTSIDE of the crib. Doing this didn’t quite fit the entire perimeter of the crib, so we stuffed a blanket between the 1 foot or so remaining bare part.  So far it’s all worked very nicely, as strange as it looks. We could’ve just as well purchased a mesh bumper to prevent his leg from going through, but this saved us money by using what we already had.


These days his vocabulary is expanding each day. He says:

More (words and sign language), book, please (sign language), tickle, shoes, toy, ball, momma, dadda, hi, buh-bye, puppy, and no. When we ask him a question he will usually follow up the word “no” with another one, which we cannot quite understand just yet.

Example conversation tonight during dinner. We gave him food choices.

Daddy: B, do you want french fries?

Blake: No, m.. (we think he is either saying “no more”, “no mas”, “no man”, or “no ma’am”…seriously)

Daddy: Do you want more eggs?

Blake: No, “more”????

Daddy: Do you want a blueberry muffin?

Blake: *Does the sign language for “more” and “please* while shaking his head yes.

Love the fact that we can give him choices now and he can make them! It’s like we are able to have a conversation with him! Craaaaaazy.
Interesting that he hasn’t mastered the word “yes” yet, with the rest of his vocabulary.

As I look how far we’ve come, I can’t help but get excited about the months to come and to watch his mind develop. He’s so fun to watch. Every day it seems he discovers something new. He makes me laugh with his stubbornness because he reminds me so much of his daddy! Funny, when you start to notice strong personality traits that OBVIOUSLY come from your spouse.

I think a lot about his future, and what he’ll become. I guess every mom does that.

You know, things like the kind of career he’ll have when he’s 300 months old…


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