Valentine’s School Celebration

Today Blake had a Valentine Celebration at his school.  Fortunately, I had the day off from work! I feel like i miss out on so many in-school activities being a working mom, so it was nice to be able to attend something and not feel like my child is the only one without a parent! (Such an unrealistic thought from me, that I’m not the only mom who works, as there were quite a few children who didn’t have any one there.)

Having a child with a dairy allergy has been such a new venture for us. My husband and I are continually surprised at foods that contain dairy.  It’s a learning process as we go and every day is new it seems.

Like for his Valentine Day celebration.

Lesson learned about celebrating Valentine’s Day at your child’s school when they have a dairy allergy: Bring alternatives from home. Blake didn’t get to participate in the cookie decorating and getting messy with the icing like all the others. I can’t blame the school for not providing alternatives for kids with food allergies. It’s something that I should’ve thought of, but it just didn’t’ even cross my mind. But, Blake excitedly enjoyed his goldfish (he has no reaction to these) and water, and didn’t look twice at the other kids who were having a blast with sprinkles, icing, and fun decor on their sugar cookie.  I was so thankful it didn’t seem to phase him, because I felt bad for him.  I didn’t even have to distract him from the activities flurrying around him.  He just sat in my lap and ate his goldfish in big handfuls, as always.  He continues to amaze me. I seem to stress over this stuff and he’s usually in the “whatever” mode.  I wish I had the happy and unstressful disposition of my 15 month old.  I could really learn a lot from him!

After “cookie decorating”, we played with the kids around the classroom.  It’s so fun to see your kid in action, interacting with other children! Well, at this age the interaction acknowledging their presence by not walking and stepping all over them.  We haven’t quite hit the stage yet where he’s sitting down and playing with them.  Though, he’ll go to any adult for just about any thing, and he became the life of the party when he walked to every person in the room with a ball in his hand saying “ball”, and throwing it to them.

What a great time we had. This time next year my prayer is that he has grown out of his dairy allergy, but if not, that I have learned my lesson and will bring a non-dairy alternative for him!

In our photos we don’t like to say “Cheese” (little play on our part), instead we say “Squeeze”.  And this is what we got…. 😉



One thought on “Valentine’s School Celebration

  1. One of the little girls in Jocelyn’s VPK class has serious allergies. Life threatening ones. Her mom has become the master of “alternative foods for parties”. I hope that Blake outgrows his soon, but let me know if you want contact info.


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