Glazed Carrots

I’m not a good cook. I don’t cook.  My husband is wonderful at it and usually does all the cooking in our household. He’s so generous with cooking that he will make leftovers for the week so that I have plenty for dinner the nights that he’s working.  I just love him!

I remember when I was pregnant people kept asking me “Are you finally going to start cooking now that you have a kid?”  I would laugh at them because I thought the time was soooooooo far away when I’d even have to think about preparing food for him. Well, that time is here.  He’s almost 1 and I feel like I’m always scrambling to find something for him to eat. Last week I made carrots for him.  No seasoning, just cooked carrots.  He hated them. I’ve tried several times but he spits them back out immediately.  I don’t want to waste them. (When I throw food away I see money signs). Being the non cook that I am, I had NO idea what to do with them. Cooking plain carrots was super easy, this was different. I searched a few recipes on the internet that would help me to make something of these.  I diverted quite a bit from the ones I found online and made up my own version of glazed carrots by taking a little of this, a little of that.  They turned out yummy.

1) I placed my cooked carrots in a saucepan on medium heat. Here’s what I used to season them.

2) I Added the butter, then honey. I didn’t measure.  Just a spoonful of butter, and poured enough honey so that the carrots were covered.

3) I added the rest of the ingredients then.

-Black pepper

-Lemon juice

-Mango lime seasoning

-Parsley flakes


I cooked them for about 15 minutes.




These went over much better.  I’m just glad my carrots aren’t going to waste! I can’t really blame him for not being a fan of plain carrots. I don’t really like them either.

To all those people out there who wondered when I’d start cooking, finally, I HOPE YOU READ THIS POST! 😉


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