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Saving In A Pinch Without Clipping!

I’ve had many people tell me that saving money can be too  time consuming. The desire is there, but the time just isn’t. Between finding good deals, tirelessly flipping through the newspaper searching for coupons, then not to mention clipping them and organizing them, it can take HOURS. For many of us we just aren’t afforded the time to devote to doing all of this.

Before Blake was born I would practically spend my entire Sunday clipping, organizing, shopping at several locations in one day just to get the right item at the best price.  I do my best these days but time is an issue.  Half my Sundays are gone after church. Then I come home and the only time I have to do my couponing is Blake’s after church nap.  This can last any where from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours.  Everything I need to do to save HAS to be between that time frame, what ever that happens to be.  I’m too tired to mess with it on the weekdays after work, and the best coupons are in the Sunday newspaper.  My husband works nights so he’s not available much to watch B while I do my thang.  So, I do what I can when I can.

I’ve already written one entry about all the ways I save, but I thought I’d give a condensed “in a pinch” entry for when time is just too little and clipping isn’t feasible.

The best 2 places to quickly get the best bang for your buck without hours of couponing are Publix and Target.


Buy 1 Get 1 sales can be your best friend.  Yes, you can use coupons even for BOGO, but if you don’t have time for clipping then taking advantage of these is a sure money saver.
To view your local BOGO ad go here. 

Publix also has a “Skip the Clip” program where you can access Publix coupons on your mobile.  You can sign up for Skip the Clip here. Register, select the ones you want, then you will enter your mobile number at the register.  Easy peasy!


Cartwheel. INTRODUCING my personal fave, the Cartwheel app, (queue brass band), which allows you to save a certain percentage off particular items by scanning a barcode on your phone.  My current savings from Cartwheel alone are $175.14.


The best way to utilize the app is to FIRST view the “discount” section.  This will tell you the items that have the highest percentage off for the week.  Go to the menu, click “offers” swipe to the right, then click “Discount.”  As an example of the hot deals you can quickly find this way, last week Dr. Pepper 10 soda was 50% off using Cartwheel.  This week M&M’s Pumpkin Spice flavored candies (9.9oz) were 50% off. (Expired today. Sorry folks.)

Target gift cards. The other way to save by shopping at Target is to peruse the weekly Target ad in the paper for all the things you can buy and get a gift card for.  For instance, Target will always have deals where if you purchase 2 or 3 of something then you get a $5, $10, $15, or $20 gift card back!  If you don’t subscribe to a newspaper than you can view the ad here. 

Mobile coupons. No clipping! Just sign up for Targets mobile coupons and have them SENT to you. Present your mobile coupons at the register and they’ll scan. (Use this IN conjunction with Cartwheel!)

To take advantage of these just text OFFERS to 827438 to start saving!

RED Card. So worth it! Every time you shop at Target and use your Red card you save an additional 5%! Be mindful that the interest rate is high, but we get around this by paying the card off before the bill is due.  We’ve never had to pay interest this way.  You can also sign up for the card to link to your debit account.  So far this year we’ve saved $300 just by using our RED card! (Not including Cartwheel, coupons, etc.)

Target coupons. No clipping required! At checkout there will usually always be coupons that will print. Save them!

Shop Kick. Best app EVER. (Wait. I already said that about Cartwheel.) Best NEXT app EVER! Download the app, register, and select that you want to work toward redeeming a Target gift card. Open Shopkick app every time you walk into Target and get “kicks” (points.) Earn points by walking in and/or scanning items in store (no purchase necessary) and redeem at the register! Every other time I go into Target I’m able to redeem for a $2 off coupon at the register.

You can combine target/mobile coupons, red card, cartwheel, shop kick gift card, and any gift cards that you’ve earned all in one trip!

And if you’re feeling really confident in the above (and it’s not too overwhelming) then here are additional ways to save WITHOUT clipping.

iBotta app. Get paid to purchase things you would normally buy. Scan your receipt once purchased. Voila. Money! Redeem your money at any time. It’s real, folks!

Checkout51. Works the same as iBotta.

Receipt Hog. Shop. Upload your receipt to this app and earn points. Redeem points for either a cash prize or Amazon gift card. I’ve earned several $5 Amazon gift cards this way.  It’s so easy! (We are Amazon addicts in this household.)

So that’s it.  All the ways that you can save, and most all can be combined! NO clipping involved.  No clipping, no carrying around binders of coupons, no scrambling at the register with a screaming kid.  Well, I can’t help you with your screaming kid, but hopefully these tips will streamline the checkout process and save you a little money at the end!

Raise your hand if you’re thankful for technology?

Any other helpful, non clipping ways that you have to save? I’m all EARS!


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