What I’ve Learned (So Far) About Being a Mom #3 (And a Chime in my from "dad")

(And a Chime in my from my husband, AKA: “Dad”)

What I’ve Learned (So Far) About Being a Mom #1
What I’ve Learned (So Far) About Being a Mom #2

29. I’ve cursed my hips my entire life.  I was always jealous of those “straight” girls who could fit into ANYTHING and look amazing.  My pant sized is based on my hips and what I can fit over them.  These days I find that I am thankful for them, because I can easily rest Blake on a hip and go about my business.  It’s like a little God-given seat for babies.  And it relieves a lot of weight from my arms!

30. My house is never going to be as clean as it used to be.  Toys are slowly creeping into my living room, and I’m slowly beginning to be okay with this. Slooooowwwly.

31. I never have enough bibs.  The kid has a drawer full and I’m still constantly running out.

32. I never-ever-ever-ever thought I’d own a van, but it’s the BEST! I’ll laugh alongside you when you call me a “soccer-mom”, but punch you in the face if you make fun of me or say anything beyond that.  I will never buy anything else from now on! I have loads of storage, room for stroller and hundreds of shopping bags, a huge center console, comfy seats, and I can walk around in my own vehicle if I need to get to my kid quickly.  Oh, and it has 11 cup holders!

33. Burt’s Bees diaper rash cream is the bees knees. It’s not thick and sticky like Desitin tends to be, and it really does dry like a powder.

Buy it on Amazon!

34. It’s increasingly difficult to attend Happy Hour with friends, as I used to do after work.  As I sit here writing this I am enjoying a nice glass of red wine, staring at Blake peacefully sleeping on the baby monitor at 8:45PM and thinking “this is my happy hour“…

35. There really is very little time for Michael and I to spend time with one another. Therefore,  we try to Make.Every.MINUTE.Count!

36. I can smell baby throw up the moment I walk into a room.  Gross.

37. While I do capture many photos of Blake using my handy dandy iPhone, being a photographer has not lent its successes in taking professional photos of my own child.  I’ve slacked in that area, and for that I am very regretful. 😦

38. The music I listened to during pregnancy did seem to carry over when he entered the world.  I listened to a lot of country music and it’s the music that seems to calm him the most.

39. When I was pregnant I was so worried about not loving Blake as much as I love my dogs.  Seriously. I still love my dogs to pieces, but, you know…..

40. I’m not sure I’ll ever successfully juggle everything and be awesome at it all: working, being a mom, maintaining a clean house, being a good wife, photographing, keeping up with friends. How do people do it?  I think I’ll die trying. HA.

(And a Chime in my from my husband. AKA “dad”)

1. I never thought that I would have very little free time compared to what I had before.  In fact, my free time is nearly non-existent. 

2. No matter how shitty things are (work!), Blake’s smile makes it better. I can’t help but smile and laugh back at him when I walk through the door.  He’s always happy to see me!  And it’s totally mutual. 
3. I didn’t realize how expensive a baby would be, even based on what everyone told me.  They’ve turned out to be right! 
4. I never knew how hard having a newborn would be on our marriage. Everything changes. Not necessarily in a bad way–it just becomes…..different.  In a way that you both have to get accustomed to.  Plus, there are a lot of things you have to figure out as new parents.  It’s rough. 
5. On the list of most challenging things in life, having a newborn is #1.
6. I never realized how annoying my wife would be when it comes to writing blog nonsense (LOL!) How does she do this and enjoy it so much? 

Back to mom…
Thanks, babe. Thanks!


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