I Love to Save

Okay, who doesn’t love to save money?  Even the wealthiest of people have a frugal streak.  Saving money has become an addiction of sorts for me.  
Some people have asked me all the various ways that I save.  There are certainly people out there who are better at saving than I am, and many of my “tricks and tips” have come from those people.  
Hopefully you’ll find something here the may be helpful for you.
We mostly shop at Target, but depending on the deal I sometimes go to CVS and Publix.  
Publix takes competitor coupons, but those competitor coupons will count as your Publix coupon.  So, you could use a manufacturer coupon and a Target coupon, but not a manufacture, Target, AND Publix.  Also, each Publix store varies on which competitor coupons they will take so check with your local store.
Saving money at TARGET. 
  • I scope out websites like Totally Target and I Heart Target to find out what deals other people have found.  
  • I use Target coupons that I’ve gotten from register purchases, and I click on links to other Target coupons from the above websites.  Different parts of the country offer different Target coupons, so if you type in a different zip code from Target then what you have access to can vary.  
  • I also use the Cartwheel app, which has extra percentage savings off many times in Target.  You can combine cartwheel offers with Target and manufacture coupons!  I am signed up to receive Target coupons on my cell (Text OFFERS to 827-438 to receive them via text!) I then add my Cartwheel and Target mobile coupons to my Passbook for easy scanning at the register.
  • My husband and I have a Target credit card which saves us an additional 5% every time we shop.  We don’t let anything accumulate on it and always come home to pay right away.  These days Target has a debit card, which is deducted directly from your account, but at the time we signed up for this program that wasn’t offered. We’ve just kept the credit card because we always pay it right away anyway.  No interest fees for us. 🙂
  • Each week Target will have a gift card program where if you buy a certain number of items then you’ll receive (usually) a $5 or $10 gift card.  These are AWESOME to take advantage of when you combine with manufacturer coupons, Target coupons, Cartwheel AND Target credit card.  

Now, there are a couple of other apps I use in conjunction with all of the above, that don’t show savings right away but will over time.  
  • Shopkick-an app that you open each time you enter a store.  It uses a GPS to find your location, and  gives you points for entering, and extra points for scanning (taking a picture with your phone) on certain items.  Accumulate points and redeem points for store gift cards! I use for to gain Target gift cards. 😉 (45 kicks for walking into a Target).

  • ibotta-with ibotta, you simply take short surveys on products that you would purchase in store.  You earn cash for each product, then when you purchase that product you simply take a picture of your receipt, and scan the product you purchased.  You have instant cash which can be transferred to a paypal account.  I let the money accumulate before I cash out. 

  • Receipt Hog-simply scan pictures of your receipts (from certain stores).  Depending on the amount of money you spent, you will earn coins.  Redeem coins for cash or an Amazon gift card.  That easy!  

Other apps I love:
  • Pampers Rewards-Pampers products come with a rewards code.  I use the app to quickly enter my code.  Points add up to redeem prizes and products. I use mine for extra free diapers. 😉

Huggies also has a rewards program, but no app.  I use the internet to log in and type in my code.  The Huggies one is more of a pain, because the page runs slowly.  I prefer the Pampers app.  
(Of course, I only buy Pampers when I have coupons.  Don’t pay full price.  It’s not worth it! If I need diapers and I don’t have coupons, then I just buy the Target brand.)
  • Coupons.com app-makes clipping coupons online easier.  I just clip on my phone, email to myself and print.  Or if you have a wireless printer it’s even easier!  
  • Retail Me Not-has coupons from different stores that can be scanned directly from your phone.  Stores like Bath & Body Works, Aeropostale, etc.  

I take advantage of Publix BOGO (Buy One Get One) sales.  They’re AWESOME when you have TWO coupons because you also save money on the “free” item.  
Example:  Let’s say Ragu pasta sauce was on BOGO, and one jar cost $1.00 (we’ll make it easy), and I have two coupons to save  .25cents on each jar, then I get 2 jars for .50cents.  AND if I have a coupon to save .25cents on TWO jars then I can use all 3 coupons, to get both jars for .25cents.
Now, let’s say you have a Buy One Get One coupon on the Ragu pasta sauce, and they are also BOGO at Publix, then you get both jars for free!  And you could also use the coupons I mentioned above to EARN money toward other purchases.  So if we had a Buy One Get One coupon, two .25cents off one jar, and .25cents off two, then we’ve just EARNED .75cents toward our other groceries.
I hope that wasn’t too confusing!
I’ll leave things there for now. I have many other apps that I use, but I know this is overwhelming enough.
Feel free to ask any questions, and feel free to share ways that you save money! 
Hope this is helpful! 


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