Food? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Food.

(Excuse my Back to the Future geekery.  Stupidest blog title ever.  It’s okay. You can say it.)

 Forget food. Forget the whole bread and water thing.  I mean, drinking coffee is a meal in itself for me these days.  I drink it for breakfast and I’m so full afterward that the thought of food is disgusting.  Admittedly, I add a LOT of creamer to my coffee.  Um, like, a lot. I’m talking 1/3 of the cup here. (I’d be happy to go 1/2 of the cup, but, have you seen how fattening creamers are?  Yeesh.)Food just isn’t a priority for me. Not that I’m intentionally skipping meals.  Sure, I have baby weight to lose but that’ll be shed with exercise.  (I wish people would realize that skipping meals is NOT that way to lose weight.)  I’m so busy throughout my day that I don’t even think about food, and I’m rarely hungry.
Last Saturday all I had the entire day was a chocolate Ensure and a bag of Doritos.
Three days ago I looked at the clock, noticed that it was 4PM, and realized that I hadn’t eaten all day.  Ooops.
When you’re a mom you just don’t think about yourself anymore. I’m only concerned about my little man and making sure that he’s getting his meals and is happy.  I want to do everything in my power to give him everything he wants and needs to be fulfilled, calm, and happy. And that means all of my attention…especially these days.

I usually eat better when my husband comes home because we eat in shifts.  He tends to Blake while I eat, and I tend to him while he eats.  I don’t have anyone to relieve me during the day so I grab and go when I can.  If I remember to do so, that is.
I know these tasks are difficult for every mom, but especially so with Blake.  If I put him down for any length of time he goes into hysterics. Sometimes I do just let him cry (I DO have to take a bathroom break every once in a while), but it gets so loud that I have to relieve myself of the noise.  Half the time picking him up will stop the crying.  The other half of the time I go down my checklist to find something that works.  Like today, I picked him up and he continued.  I went down my checklist that I created and nothing was working.  The last thing I tried with him was walking and bouncing around the kitchen/living room area.  I came to the living room, stopped and just stared at him trying to figure out what to do next.  Suddenly, he stopped.  I stared at him some more wondering what had just happened.  His eyes were wide with curiosity.  That’s when I noticed that he was intently watching the fan.  He shushed immediately.  I NEVER keep the fan on during the day.  I turned it on last night on accident when I was trying to turn the light on (I always get the two cords mixed up). I am so thankful that mishap occurred!  I added “fan” to my list of “Things to Do to Calm Blake Down”. I wish I’d taken a video of him watching it. He’s seriously so stinkin’ cute!

Anyway, back to caffeine.  I only allow myself to drink one soda a day, so I’m not sure how much energy that’s providing me, but it is filling “on the go.”

I know someone is going to read this and lecture me about how I need to take care of myself and eat better. I know this.  Trust me when I say that I am not making a conscious effort to NOT eat.  I’d like to hear what other moms out there do.  I know eating regular meals is going to help with my energy levels, I just don’t know when to do it!  Simple fruits have been handy because I can eat them with one hand.  Bananas seemed like a good idea until I ended up biting into one and half of it fell to the floor.

Here’s what’s worked for me so far:
Ensure (don’t laugh)
Fruits that don’t require cutting
Campbell’s microwavable soups
Bite sized pieces of chocolate (ssshhhh!  I’m always in the mood for chocolate!)

Thinking I may try feeding myself a bottle when I feed Blake.  That stuff has to be healthy and good for you.

I grabbed a glass out of the cupboard today to get a drink of water. Of course I was holding Blake.  Aaaand he was crying.  He was flailing his legs and almost kicked the glass out of my hand.  I did some weird catching maneuver, which was straight out of the Matrix.  I swear.  Here’s what I figure. I can avoid this from happening next time by simply wearing a CamelBak all day!  Water at my disposal whenever I need it.
I’ll take one in pink, thank you.

Seems like a good idea…
Now if only I could puree my food and have it in the CamelBak…


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