Mixture Mash

Blake has been on the Nutramigen since Wednesday and I have noticed an improvement.  The loud screams have stopped, and he doesn’t seem to be in pain anymore AT ALL.  What an answer to prayers!

He still cries.  A lot. But it’s usually not the loud screaming he was doing before switching his formula. He cries most times when I try to put him down.  He really likes being in the arms of mom for sure! I worry this will spoil him, but I’ve heard people say you can’t spoil them at this age.  Guess we’ll see.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Blake’s doctors?
Dr. S called me yesterday to give me his results from the stool test they did, and also wanted to check up on him.  I don’t know many doctors anymore who call patients themselves. He could’ve easily had his nurse do that.  I’m so impressed! He gets a gold star. Good news is that the stool sample came back normal.  YES!  Dr. S. and I spoke on the phone for 20 minutes.  He was happy to answer any questions I had, and even told me that before I made my appointment next week to first call him so that he could try to save me the cost of a visit if it was something that could be discussed/resolved over the phone.  Gold star number two.
I told him that he still wasn’t eating his normal 4-4.5 oz, and that he was still constantly fussy (just not screaming).  He wants me to keep him on the Nutramigen until Monday, then said to call him and we can reevaluate.  He did tell me that he wants to take back his “colic” diagnoses, and first rule out any other factors that could be going on before just saying it was colic.  Personally, I think he’s colic but I really appreciate the doctor wanting to check into other possibilities before just chalking it up to a general diagnoses.
I can find no rhyme or reason to many of his cries.  They really aren’t on a schedule either.  The checklist I made really helps me to think fast about what I can do to soothe him. Sometimes the things work, sometimes they don’t.

I’m curious to know what his weight will be the next time we go to the doctor.  With him eating half of his regular amount, I’m concerned about weight loss.

Yesterday and today were okay days.  Not terrible, not great.  The good news is that I didn’t have to put him down and throw any stuffed animals, so I that’s an improvement!

He slept for the majority of the day today, despite my efforts to try to keep him awake or wake him up.  I mean, what do you do when your kid won’t wake and you fear that you’ll, then, be up most of the night with them?  I give up after a while of trying to keep him awake and just think that if he’s that stubborn about sleeping then he must really need it.

I visited my Mother In Law tonight, and on my drive back home Blake started coughing in his carseat, then made a chocking noise.  I went into mommy panic mode.  I was at a red light in the lane to go straight, but I quickly switched to the right turn lane, pulled into a McDonald’s parking lot, bolted out of the car, and climbed in the backseat.  I was fully prepared to rip him out of the carseat.  His eyes were closed and he was back to sleep.  (Of course to ensure he was actually sleeping I put my hand on his chest to be sure it was rising, and I put my ear to his mouth).  A sigh of relief came over me when I discovered he was just fine.
  With his GERD diagnoses I’m always in fear that I haven’t burped him long enough, or that he didn’t get it all out between the 30 to 40 minutes he’s supposed to be held upright after each feeding.  I was just certain he had thrown up in that backseat and was choking! The first of many worries in mommy hood, I know.
Speaking of the GERD, he absolutely hates the taste of the Zantac.  I’ve tried to feed him to him slowly through the syringe but he always manages to spit it back out.  Yesterday I tried 3 times, and all 3 times he spit it out and made a sour face.  I decided the best thing I could do was put the meds into his bottle. I confirmed with the doctor to make sure that was a good idea and he said it was fine, thankfully.

This update has been a conglomerate of ideas, issues, and events.  There was more that I wanted to say, but my lack of sleep has caught up with me.  I feel like I could pass out at this very moment…


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